About us


The mission of the Diversity Commission is to promote a cohesive, open, and welcoming environment on Texas A&M campus. Address issues and opportunities to unify the student body, as well as educating it on the many ways diversity is exemplified. Identify the underrepresented and make them part of the Aggie experience. Guard the values of the Texas A&M along every Aggie.


“ONE Campus. ONE Spirit.” By following and sharing the school and SGA values, the Diversity Commission enlarges the Aggie experience making it accessible to the most diverse sectors of the student community. Keeping the values of TAMU a main part of every student to promote the community wellness and the acceptation of the campus diversity.


The Aggie Core values: Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service.

Our goals

The goals of the SGA Diversity Commission are always looking to improve the student expirience at Texas A&M. By the end of their time on campus most Aggies recognize it as one of the best times of their life, making this possible for every individual is what the Commission works for. By unifying the University into “ONE Campus. ONE Spirit.” we assure to enlarge the Aggie network and inculcate the pride of being an Aggie.
  • Educate the student community about the benefits diversity and inclusion brings to Texas A&M.
  • Encourage the respect for each other, in all senses. “Aggies are true to each other”.
  • Promote the involvement of Aggies with different backgrounds in social and special activities on campus, creating a win-win learning experience for the participants.
  • Increase the percentage of students involved in Associations/Organizations, and promote proportional representation within the Student Government Association.
  • Enlarge the number of graduating International Students in the Aggie Network/Association of Former Students.
  • Communicate with Organization representing the diversity community to hear their needs, and work in helping to meet them.
  • Locate specific sectors of the student population without attachment to the Aggie traditions and encourage them to be part of the Aggie Experience.

Work ethic

Respect and promote the respect for the rights of others, in every sense. Share with the student community the great opportunity Texas A&M has a s one of the most diverse Universities in the United States. Work every day to achieve the goals set for the SGA Diversity commission with the knowledge that we can make a difference in the experience and the future of more than 50,000 students in campus. Even though the focus is the most diverse students, every individual is diverse from each other, and therefore everyone will be heard with the same attention than our target sectors.