What is SGA Diversity?


This organization advises the SBP on diversity issues facing the student body. Through partnerships with university administrators and other organizations, the Diversity Commission engages in outreach and policy efforts to advocate for and educate the students.



Difference in experience and culture forms each individual into who they are. The differences between people cause separate perspectives. A&M is no exception. We have the Aggie family and Aggie Spirit. We have the ingredients of a vibrant culture. Some do not feel a part of this. Imagine a stew where all the ingredients maintain who they are, but contribute to the individual flavors of others. Imagine an Aggieland where Howdy means befriending a stranger and understanding each other's stories. Where no Aggie is any better than anyone else, and bystanders convert to the Spirit of the core values, is direction we will push Texas A&M: a true Aggie Family.


Mission Statement

SGA has the responsibility to represent every student. Therefore, the SGA Diversity Team will creatively address the issues surrounding diversity by rebuilding the norm. We will facilitate communication, generate awareness, and emphasize the importance of these issues throughout the entire Texas A&M campus. Through the ideals of the Aggie Family, Code of Honor, and the Core Values the commission strives to provide a cohesive and welcoming environment for campus interaction among the variety of students. Prepare students at their respective levels: both what it means to truly be an Aggie here and in the work-world. SGA will create the dialogue among and between students and administrators. This task is essential to the University’s reputation, our reputation as student leaders, and the student body’s ability to engage in a world rapidly becoming flat. We are here to make a difference with difference.