The Commission


Jonah Chen

SGA Diversity Commissioner




I am a first-year graduate student at the Bush School of Government and Public Service studying public management and state and local government. I have a bachelors of arts in political science and an associates of arts in liberal arts from Texas A&M University and Blinn College, having studied national level politics and public administration. 

am the Diversity Commissioner for the Texas A&M University Student Government Association and my role is to lead the Diversity Commission in executing legislation charges and directives deriving from the Student Senate and the Student Body President. I engage in conversations with students, student leaders, student organizations, staff, faculty, administration, and community leaders on the topics of diversity and inclusion. I seek to provide training, educational modules, and partnership opportunities with student organizations and campus programs to educate Aggies about the globalized world.

My greatest goal is to provide an opportunity for experiential learning for Aggies to be able to engage in topics of diversity and inclusion here, in the workplace, and out in their communities.

Anne-Marie Joi Prochaska 

Chief of Staff for the Diversity Commission




My name is Anne-Marie Prochaska and I am the Chief of Staff for the Diversity Commission this year. 

I'm from College Station, so as a third generation Aggie, I grew up with maroon blood. I'm the loudest (literally) proudest (most definitely) member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2018! As an Agricultural Leadership Major, I am passionate about learning effective techniques of leaders and followers in organizations and businesses. I'm extremely excited about seeing A&M become a more diverse campus as our various student groups interact and learn together. While diversifying our campus is not something that will happen overnight, with the help of our whole student body we can make Texas A&M University an incredible place that is inviting to people from all walks of life.

Tim Fadugba

Research and Development Manager



Howdy! My name is Timi Fadugba, and I'm a sophomore Business Honors and Accounting major from Houston, Texas. As the inclusion and embracement officer, I assist in developing ideas and programing in the commission to better the campus climate at Texas A&M.

My biggest goal as a member of this commission is to help students from diverse backgrounds feel welcomed and included as a part of the Aggie family.


Miranda Lindsey

Research and Development



Howdy! My name is Miranda Lindsey and I am a Junior International Studies and French double-major from Mansfield, Texas. I joined the Diversity Commission because I believe that an appreciation for the diversity of our student body is vital to our community, and a part of what makes Texas A&M so beautiful.

I hold one of the Research and Development Specialist positions in the Diversity Commission, which means that I and my team members look into situations involving diversity at other campuses around the United States, analyzing the occurrences and the actions taken by those universities in order to prevent and address incidents on our own campus.

My hope is that we can inspire a passion for learning about each others differences in every Aggie, and continue to promote and cultivate an open-minded and welcoming atmosphere in our dialogue and on our campus. I am very excited to learn all that I can from this position, and I’m looking forward to utilizing everything I learn this year in my future endeavors!


Lauren Galyen

Campus and Community Correspondent




Lauren Galyen is a first year Master of International Affairs student at the Bush School. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2016 with a BA in Spanish and a BS in Criminal Justice. She is a Campus and Community Correspondent and hopes to improve Texas A&M's campus climate by promoting diversity education and inclusivity.

 Joshua Sweet 

Campus & Community Correspondent



Joshua is a loud and proud member of the Class of 2018. Born and raised in Honolulu, HI, he is studying International Studies with a minor in Chinese, and hopes to commission into the Air Force when he graduates. In the Diversity Commission, his role and goal as a Campus and Community Coordinator is to help promote and spread diversity at Texas A&M University.

Abhinav Niranjan

Digital Strategist



Abhinav is an upcoming master of science graduate in Management Information System at Texas A&M University. He is a strong believer in the ideals of a one Aggie family and the spirit of Aggieland. He originally hails from a multi-cultural country, India, which he believes will stand in good stead during his journey at the Diversity Commission. On a personal front, Abhinav is a gadget freak and keeps himself up to date with the latest tech news. He has always had the passion for helping others through a greater use of technology. 

At the Diversity commission, he leads the Social Media practice, which is responsible for creating awareness of the benefits of fostering an inclusive environment in the campus. Through the various events organized by the committee, he is responsible to reach out to every student in the campus and spread the news about the committee’s mission and the work that is done here.

His goal is to ensure that people from different diversities and various walks of life, feel a sense of belonging and be authentically themselves. He is passionate towards the commitment that every student has an equal opportunity to contribute and succeed. With the help of social network and other mass communication media, his idea is to make the committee easily accessible and bring it closer to every student in the campus.

Danial Kordi

Campus & Community Correspondent



As a rising junior, I am in my Master's program for Master's in Science of Economics, with my main concentration in Financial Econometric's. Still in my undergrad as well, in Economics and a minor in Business. I come from an Iranian and Muslim background, with one sibling and incredible parents that have always been my role models. 

I aim to tackle all the incidents that occur within our beloved campus and make sure we have strong ties from external communities, to enhance our campus climate and increase our inclusive environment, by making the student body aware of the diversity issues that arise in our society and university. I envision a stronger community that unites together to eliminate any racial profiling and diversity concerns that may come upon us.

A&M looks perfect on the surface, but issues do arise behind the scenes that needs to get resolved and as a Campus & Community Correspondent, I think it is imperative that we keep our foundational values strong as we move forward to achieving a more inclusive environment.


Anusree Saseendran 

Research and Development



Anusree is a graduate student in the Department of Construction Science at Texas A&M University, getting her master’s in Construction Management. She is passionate about issues relating to diversity and environment. When she isn’t doing school work, she can usually be found in the kitchen, on her yoga mat or at her office watching baby videos.

As the Research and Strategy Development Official of the Diversity Commission, she investigates incidents relating to diversity at A&M and other universities, and works on implementing the ideas that the commission recommends. Her goal, as a member of the Diversity Commission, is to create a more welcoming atmosphere at A&M for all students irrespective of their differences.

Mckenzie Manning

Community Specialist on Religion



My name is McKenzie Manning and I am the Community Specialist on religion for the Diversity Commission this year. 
I grew up in Denton, Texas and attended Liberty Christian School. I am a part of the fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2020 and plan to graduate with a major in Psychology in hopes of becoming an art therapist. My job in the commission is to be informed on different religions and be aware of the diverse religious groups. I am also the freshman voice in the commission by being a part of the freshman leadership organization called Fish Aides.

My goal for the commission is to be personally informed, so that I can bring clarity to the university about diversity, support religious organizations, and create a culture at TAMU, that promotes hope to each and every person. The Diversity Commission does an incredible job at uniting the Texas A&M campus and it is an honor to be a part of it.