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Diversity Commission Position Descriptions

Diversity Commissioner: Chief student leader of the commission in charge of steering the organization to address on-campus issues and solutions related to diversity and inclusion. Engages students within the commission as well as those who associate with the commission in establishing stronger understandings of the subjects to prepare fellow Aggies for a globalized world. The Diversity Commissioner is directly responsible for calling meetings, holding meetings, and directing meetings. They are also responsible for communication between the commission and the SGA, administration, and the primary and secondary advisors.


Chief of Staff: The secondary to the Diversity Commissioner in charge of providing logistical support to all commission members. Their duty is to help facilitation of meetings, keeping the Commissioner up-to-date on all ongoing projects and communication, and act as clerical support. They are to take the duties of the Commissioner in a symbolic fashion if the Commissioner cannot execute duties in distressing circumstances.


Campus Correspondent: These specialists engage specific organizations regarding diversity related issues. They will be the direct liaisons and allies per the organizations that fall under their purview and autonomy. They will actively keep in touch with organizations that have expressed an association or those who have a defined association with the commission. Their primary goal is to dilute information and education on the topic of diversity and inclusion, as well as maintain positive relationships and build a network of excellence, integrity, and honesty. The positions are defined as one, two, and three because they will be assigned particular organizations to be in contact with and they will not be directly responsible for all organizations each. Instead, they will only work with the organizations they are assigned.


Social Media Specialist: This specialist will be in direct control of all social media output made by the commission. They will have autonomy in their output, as long as it reflects the Aggie Core Values and the goals of the Diversity Commission. They will maintain the MaroonLink website and all social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). They will create graphics and other media monthly.


R&D Specialist I/II: These specialists will be directly in control of all diversity and inclusion research, spanning historical trend analysis to higher education-based diversity research to better prepare the commission to respond to campus diversity and inclusion incidents and trends. They will compile data into visual formats for reading and watching so that the data in question can be used to support commission initiatives and projects. They will garner the information necessary to make cases for goals and directions campus diversity in terms of student government ought to be handled. They will aid in developing educational modules to explain aforementioned trends and incidents so that the information can be readily available to all students interested. They may choose to present their research to students and organizations.

Community Specialist: The specialists will be directly in control of facilitating and maintaining relationships with the Bryan/College Station community, encompassing campus, other institutions of higher education, and governing entities such as the City of College Station and City of Bryan city councils. Their primary duties are to establish, facilitate, and maintain professional relationships and consistent networks of contact with said entities to better tie the university with the surrounding areas. Their primary goal is to concretely establish a positive network of relationships with the entire community and reflect the Aggie Core Values with every instance of contact, creation of public-private partnerships, and so on.